06 December 2017 APN Daily Rohingya News

06 December 2017 APN Daily Rohingya News
Rohingya, Arakan and Myanmar News!

Arakan Press Network(A.P.N) Rohingya Online channel that enact as the

We Are Trying To Update Rohingya News To The International Community With The Little Hope Of Life And Myanmar Government Ignoring Us To Make Citizen.

watchdog of the Rohingya’s issues, translates Rohingya’s grieves
and inspires through its various programs. It has been pioneering
in amplifying the voice of the most prsecuted and deprived
people to the concerned quarters and all over the world by using
online TV programs, news portals and social media.

Reporting the actual ground situation daily
Raising the voices of the voiceless
Creating awareness in the people
Connecting Rohingya Communities in
Arakan and diaspora
Educating the people through media
Empowering the Community
Supporting the national issue
• To create a vivid Rohingya media through developing various media programs 
• To bring a

For Contact : 
Email :
[email protected]
[email protected]

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