5 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded! #2

5 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded! #2
5 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded! #2


Thanks to the improvements of Technologies and phones, Anyone from anywhere in the world can photograph or film shocking events. We have the posibility thanks to the social media, to witness each and every one of them. Just get ready because Top 5 Supreme is giving you 5 Moments You Wouldnt Believe if They Werent Recorded! Second Part! Lets Roll!


The person we are about to see in this video decides to record himself while hes sleeping . When he reviewed the film he was very surprised with what he saw. This is no joke what so ever...When this video was published everyone thought this issue was caused by an invisible force. What i do know is that the video is completely impressive...Lets take a look at it!


The video that we are about to witness shows the bravest pig in the world. Yes you heard it right, this pig jumped from a moving truck hitting the road in Cuba. I think he knew exactly where he was going, so he decided to risk his life to get away. Luckily this pig only had minor injuries, he only fractured one of his legs. But i can def tell you that this pig took everyones heart when they saw this video. Lets take a look!


The video we are going to see is about a dog that was fortunaly saved from being hit by a car that was speeding in a competition. The  driver going very fast in one of the sections didnt see the dog that was crossing the road..All this happened during a rally in Bolivia on the first stage of the race. there was a hill which that caused the racing car to rise and pass over the frightened dog. Luckily nothing happened to him. Here you have it!


This next video was filmed in 2014 during a class in united states. The shocking images were filmed by a distracted student that was clowning with the classmates.This teacher was explaining a few things about Lampreys. So when he takes the lamprey out of the Tank, thats when everything happens! Take a look!


During a rugby match in France. a player received a red card and had to leave the field. Before leaving, He took all his anger against the referee. so he punched him so hard that he left thim unconscious. Besides all of this, the same player ,feeling brave, faced all the other the players on the opposite team. This is the reason why its always important to play fair on a game, no matter what! Here you have it!
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