7 Times Movie Games Couldn't Use the Star's Likeness, So Here's Some Random

7 Times Movie Games Couldn't Use the Star's Likeness, So Here's Some Random
You're a game developer with a license to make a game based on a hit movie, but the movie's star hasn't given you permission to use their likeness. Do you cancel production? No! You sub in a generic character model and hope nobody notices. Consider these times videogames did just that, with mixed results, and subscribe: http://www.tinyurl.com/SubToOxbox

When you're making a game adaptation of a movie and you don't get permission to use the likeness of the lead actor, the challenge is you have to invent a whole new likeness that doesn't resemble the famous face of star. 

The makers of 2008's The Bourne Conspiracy, for instance, got around this difficulty by creating a face so forgettable that it remains in memory as just a kind of beige balloon atop a ribbed sweater. 

At least their Matt Damon stand-in appeared human. The mannequin-looking hero of 2006's Beverly Hills Cop on PS2, on the other hand, suggests the game makers could get neither the rights to the likeness of Eddie Murphy or any other living human being. More like Axel Faily, am I right? I'm right. 

Then there was the lack of Al Pacino in the open-world adaptation of The Godfather (because exclusive rights to his youthful visage went to the makers of Scarface: The World is Yours) and the way Pierce Brosnan was replaced with a discount lookalike in James Bond game 007 Agent Under Fire, not to mention the absence of Christian Bale's famous face in the movie version of Terminator Salvation. Got another good one? Drop it in the comments, why not. 


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