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    This was a very interesting video. I have a High Standard Riot Gun (that is all that they were called… “High Standard 12-gauge Riot Gun) shotgun EXACTLY like this, which I have seen nowhere else (various YouTubes, many articles with pictures, etcetera). It apparently is built (from what I have heard) on the High Standard K120 receiver assembly.

    It has a slightly longer than 18″ barrel (18 1/8”) with a recoil pad and rifle sights (as shown here); as feeding tube goes the length of the barrel, it ius a 6+1 capacity. It has a swivel assembly on bottom of shoulder stock (that appears to be part of original setup – but has no front end swivel assembly. I have had it for over 30-35 years (at best guess), buying it “Used / Mint” from a private seller for like $75.00 back then.

    I wonder if it is one of the models made by High Standard for JC Pennys (or Sears) back then? I can find no markings on it other than the “High Standard” markings, the Proof Testing markings (for 2 3/4″ shells) and Serial Number. No barrel markings, no model numbers, no other markings at all.

    #1. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

    #2. Any info on mounting a front swivel assembly for setting up a sling would also b greatly appreciated.

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    You’re the fanboy that will suck Blizz’s cock no matter what shit they do to the game to slow us down and rake in more sub fees from boring grinds.

    You should be loving Legion. Bet you can’t wait til Netherlight Crucible is live. kek

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