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    A lot of expensive fake stuff

  • Ryfis
  • LRS_SR

    This was a very interesting video. I have a High Standard Riot Gun (that is all that they were called… “High Standard 12-gauge Riot Gun) shotgun EXACTLY like this, which I have seen nowhere else (various YouTubes, many articles with pictures, etcetera). It apparently is built (from what I have heard) on the High Standard K120 receiver assembly.

    It has a slightly longer than 18″ barrel (18 1/8”) with a recoil pad and rifle sights (as shown here); as feeding tube goes the length of the barrel, it ius a 6+1 capacity. It has a swivel assembly on bottom of shoulder stock (that appears to be part of original setup – but has no front end swivel assembly. I have had it for over 30-35 years (at best guess), buying it “Used / Mint” from a private seller for like $75.00 back then.

    I wonder if it is one of the models made by High Standard for JC Pennys (or Sears) back then? I can find no markings on it other than the “High Standard” markings, the Proof Testing markings (for 2 3/4″ shells) and Serial Number. No barrel markings, no model numbers, no other markings at all.

    #1. Any more info would be greatly appreciated.

    #2. Any info on mounting a front swivel assembly for setting up a sling would also b greatly appreciated.

  • fakeu rdrank

    Wow this is pretty much helpful, Thanks for sharing this video I really loved it.


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